Bridesmaids & groomsman

Bridesmaids & groomsmen
listen up this one is for you!

What a way to kick off the evening of the wedding. Your dance can be with the bride and groom or have it as a total surprise for them and create a total “wow” moment for them and all the guests. No one will be expecting it and will start the night off with a total bang!

You could even get the flower girls and page boys involved, make it bigger and more special for the happy couple on their wedding day.

Your dance will be full of energy and love and we can make it as big or as cheesy as you like. I would say with this, the bigger, the better! This package is always so much fun and is just as much fun for me as it will be for you.

We can choreograph this dance up to 8 people and will start with 5 x 1 hour sessions but depending on numbers and the style of the dance additional sessions may be required.